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Preserve Fresh Flowers

Step 1 - Drop Off Flowers

Flowers are ideally to be provided on day of event or within
3 days after you've received them to achieve the best outcome. You may request for a pickup or drop off of your bouquet to kickstart the journey. 

Kindly make a booking at least a month prior as last minute bookings are subjected to availability.

Step 2 - Dry & Preserve

Each flower is carefully laid down on a bed of silica gel to undergo a special drying process for a min. period of 7 to 21 days, depending on the type of flowers and how well they retain moisture. Flowers have to be completely dried out before casting in resin.

Some flowers dry better than others. To understand which type of flowers work best, do drop a message on the type of bouquet you will be providing.  

Dry Fresh Flowers Silica Gel
Resin Artwork Preserved Flowers

Step 3 - Design & Cast

You get to be involved in the design process where we will work together to envision the floral arrangement and placement of how you would like your final flower preservation art block to look like. After which, the flowers will be casted in resin, layer by layer, till they are fully cured and ready to be demolded.

You may also choose to personalise your flower preservation art block by adding custom messages or embellishing with your initials and special dates.

Step 4 - Curing & Completion

The resin curing process will take minimally 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the size of your chosen flower preservation art block. Once your final resin art piece is ready to be received, you may choose to have it delivered or arrange for self-collection. Do kindly note that the entire process may take 8 weeks to 16 weeks for completion.  


Bouquet Preservation In Resin
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