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Everything You Need to Know
About Preserving Your Flowers 

Kindly read the following FAQ to understand more about the types of flowers that would dry best, timeframe to preserve your bouquet, drying and resin curing process and many more. If still in doubt, do reach out to me on or drop me a DM on Instagram @petalsofvines

What is “resin”? How long does it last?

Epoxy resin is a material used in art material to seal and paint, as well as preserve flowers and cast 3D resin sculptures. To create my pieces, I work with resin in liquid form which then cures (or hardens) into a solid piece. Resin cures rock-hard and is similar to the finish and appearance of glass with the feel of acrylic. It is a strong and durable material that will essentially last “forever”.


Epoxy resin is sensitive to UV rays and will gradually amber/yellow over time. This is a part of the natural aging process of resin. Keeping it away from sunlight and heat will slow down this process. Ambering is to be expected and cannot be prevented or fixed.

How will my flowers look in resin?

All flowers are unique and some dry better than others. Bright colors (yellows, pinks, blues) tend to stay vibrant and sturdier florals (roses, carnations, hydrangeas) maintain their shape better. Reds and purples tend to dry several shades darker while whites dry a more yellow or brown color. Very thin and gentle flowers (tulips, lilies, orchids) can pose a challenge. Succulents, anthurium, hypericum berries, and ginger lilies dry completely brown. Calla lillies will dry to a yellowish brown. Colour enhancements techniques are available upon request though the risk is the colour running in resin.

Flowers can become bruised from surviving an event and from transportation. These worn out areas show up as bruised or translucent spots when cast in resin. I will do my best to work with what I receive; however, I cannot control how a flower dries or how they react to resin.

The drying method we use retains the color and shape of most flowers extremely well; however, they will never be how they look when fresh.


The final artpiece will never be 100% identical (~98% similar) to the design process in terms of exact placements of flowers due to the nature of placing the flowers in the resin (liquid surface) versus designing it prior to the resin casting process (solid surface). The flowers may move in the liquid surface and the stickiness of the resin poses a challenge to ensure that the flower placement would be entirely identical to when we are going through the design process. 

Can you make me a perfect piece?

As much as I would love to, I cannot create perfection. Everything I create is handmade and imperfections are to be expected. My goal is to capture your special memories into art. I will make the best of what I am given and create a unique and original piece designed just for you.


By choosing me as your artist, you are paying me for the time and skill it takes to create your project. I have full control when it comes to design; however, there are several aspects that are completely outside of my control and am not liable for: (1) how well flowers survive as well as how they dry and cast in resin; and (2) how quickly your resin piece ambers/yellows.

Due to the nature of the resin and interaction with the flowers, there may also be presence of microbubbles in the final piece (and sometimes specks of dust that floats from the flowers). I will however, try my utmost best to minimise any bubbles, but there are bound to be some I cannot eliminate. The presence of very faint layer lines (almost invisible) are normal due to the layering and resin curing process required to create the flower blocks and cannot be avoided.

Can you preserve my flowers for me in a custom piece? What is the process?

Yes, I can work with your fresh, dried or already preserved flowers. To reserve your spot, you would need to fill up a reservation form using the booking link and confirm with a deposit. You may also contact me on Instagram (@petalsofvines) to enquire about my schedule availability

You may drop off your flowers to me or pay a flat fee of $30 for me to collect them. Alternatively, you may choose to arrange for a grab car delivery to drop off your flowers. 


After receiving your flowers, I will dry them in a special process with silica crystals, which helps preserve the color and shape of your flowers. This drying process takes about 2-4 weeks. Once your flowers are dry, I will send you photos prior to casting to discuss design options. The casting process will take an additional 4-8 weeks, depending on the scale of your project.

This means that a project can take up to 16 weeks to complete. In the case of unforeseen circumstances or multiple piece projects, timelines may more lengthy. My average project completion is around 2 months.

When should I pass you my flowers?

Ideally, on the day after your event. Otherwise up to 3 days after you’ve received them so that the chances of them losing its shape, colour and turning brown are minimised which will show in the final piece.

Kindly reach out to me at least 7 days in advance of your event to secure a bouquet pickup/drop-off slot.

For last minute orders please direct message me on Instagram (@petalsofvines) or email (Last-minute slots are subjected to availability)

Do I need to book you in advance?

Yes, due to the tedious and lengthy process, I only have limited spots available. I recommend booking me at least a month or two in advance. I cannot guarantee that I will have spots available, so my recommendation is to book as soon as possible!

If you are interested in a memorial piece, I do reserve extra spots every month for these special requests.

What if my flowers are almost wilting?

I can offer these options:

(1) Preserve and salvage what I can, with the understanding that flowers will have an air-dried look;

(2) Replace flowers with fresh florals from my local florist at an additional charge;

What happens to my leftover flowers from my bouquet?

I will dispose of leftover flowers one week after your piece has been shipped out to you. I do not keep pins or ribbons unless requested. If you’d like me to save these items for you, please include this request in your message. 

If you would like to collect the rest of your dried flowers, only pick-up is available as delivery will damage and crush these dried flowers which will be brittle. 

Do you have art pieces that are available for purchase now?

Yes, please visit for available collection

How do I take care of my resin art?

Keep out of sunlight, preferably in a shady room or area. Keep away from heat. Resin will yellow when exposed to UV rays and excessive heat. Treat your piece like a piece of glass —avoid scratching or dropping it. Avoid using abrasive chemicals, such as acetone & alcohol. To clean, wipe down with a soft cloth / microfiber towel and a little mild dish soap to restore the shiny surface. Please avoid using abrasive chemicals, such as acetone & alcohol as cleaning agents.

Do you accept refunds? Cancellations?

Due to the custom nature of resin artwork, refunds are not accepted. Cancellations are accepted up until the day I receive your flowers, but your initial deposit is non-refundable. Please keep in mind - everything you see is hand crafted from start to finish, so perfect is honestly impossible (but I will try my absolute best)! Focus on the fact that your flowers would be gone the next day, right after your event, and now you get to cherish them for a much longer period of time and/or use functional items that hold your precious memories!

What types of payment do you accept?

At the moment, I only accept Cash, PayNow & WiseTransfer.

How do I get in touch with you?

You may fill up the contact page, email me at or direct message me on Instagram (@petalsofvines)

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